All About the Benjamins

So today’s post was going to be the make up for the weekend on the cloud computing thing and honestly, that had been the goal on Monday actually to make up for the fact that I spent most of the weekend helping a friend of mine move out of state. It’s amazing how at the point of my announcement to move to Denver how many people are also moving.

I digress.

So I was all about to post on cloud computing when the worst thing that a freelancer can experience happened. I haven’t gotten paid yet. Today is the 8th, I usually get money on or before the 6th and it’s the 8th. You can see that the money alert has gone from green to the critically high red.

Here’s a little something about me – as someone who is trying to be and appear financially responsible (you know, like an adult), nothing sends me reeling into an abyss than when money paid does not show up on my door the day it is supposed to. It literally does freak me out and…yeah, bad things happen. I wish this wasn’t such a big deal – I mean, I have a full time job, so getting money to cover bills and all that stuff is already done, right?

For the moment, let’s not discuss the job in which I am currently and gainfully employed, but yet discuss the reason for my panic. So, as you may know, I have plans on moving to Denver in the quick and coming future. Well, it just so happens that my time table sped up with the announcement that several of the apartments I’m interested in happen to be coming up for January. This means that I have to go through the whole process of turning in an application, showing employment history, and of course the security deposit.

And this is when the spiraling starts to happen. In order to keep the apartment I like off the market, so that you know, I have a place to live, I kinda need to send in a security deposit. Guess where the security deposit is coming out of? BINGO! The freelancing money, which is late. Very late and freaking me out like no one’s business.

Welcome, newbies, to the world of freelancing, where there is money, but it’s not like a weekly or bi-weekly check. There is a reason the experts caution people into jumping straight in to freelancing; there is a level of uncertainty that exists. There’s reasonable explanations of course – I write for a site that has thousands of writers and editors, who have all done a lot of work for the month. I get that. I really do.

But, as we used to say at the hospital, if there’s one thing people hate is when people start fucking with their paychecks. That’s true, right? Just look at our economy.  My current employer did take a hit when the recession started, meaning I took a hit too. It sucks, but that’s where freelancing comes in, yeah? I know what you’ll say – money isn’t everything, but when has love or hugs paid for a person’s rent? Or bought a bag of groceries? Okay, now I’m being cynical, but you remember critically red, right?

Money for a lot of Americans is everything, because it’s used to pay for stuff. Why do you think we’re making sure a big thing about health care and insurance? That stuff costs money, of which many of us don’t have, so then we don’t have insurance. Ok, the rant’s over. For now.

Just a word to the new freelancers out there – don’t quit your day jobs just yet. Unless you have infinite amounts of money, the day job is what’s going to support you while the freelancing is the extra.


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Writing since the age of seven, managed to get a job as a copy writer, while enjoying the unsung awesomeness as a creative fan fic writer.

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