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Humble Beginnings, Part III

So I found some great websites to write for and they gave me some extra money to use for whatever.

Then I finally went to Denver, CO to see what my friends were talking about. See, my little circle of college friends had this mass exodus to Colorado in 2008, leaving me here in my current city of Tucson. Now, don’t get me wrong – there are good things about Tucson, AZ; however, for me at least, those good things had come and gone and now I was at a strange, slow crossroads.

So after many years of trying to get me to come up and see the city, I decided to do just that. And guess what – I liked it. Liked it to the point where the change of course began.

And now we come to this – the crossroads of life where to the right, I stay here in Tucson and hope that the economy here improves before I turn fifty (I’m only thirty something) or I go to the left to Denver where opportunities may present themselves quicker and for a long term solution.

Ah, but you ask – “Gina, where does the freelancing come in?” Simple – my crazy idea is to make a life as a freelancer in a new city. I know; it’s probably completely insane, especially in this economy. So friends, this is why I present this little piece of the net called Freelancer R – I’m a new freelance writer and I’m going to tell you how that life goes.

Luckily, you – the reader – are only about seven or eight months behind me, but this is where things get nuts. In the next couple of posts, I’ll give some insights on the move to Denver, on the financials of moving out of state, of trying to make things work in a crazy economy, etc.

Oh and I’ll also pimp out my website, my articles, and stories that I come with. Duh, you thought this was just me telling you about freelancing? This is a career, baby! Yeah!


Humble Beginnings, Part II

So in January, I decided to start looking into this freelancing thing. It first led me to oDesk, where freelancers and companies come together. If you haven’t heard of it, you should check it out. So I did that for two jobs, which brought in a little bit – not much – just a little.

Here’s a helpful tidbit for those thinking about freelancing – you aren’t gonna see the money for a bit, depending. That was what I learned as I delved into this new world. It was good to know, so then when I got $94 for working for Break Studios (check them too), I was quite happy; more so than I thought I would get. Hey, $94 bucks is nothing to laugh at, especially when you have bills that might total up to about $94 bucks; or groceries or…well, whatever you need to pay off.

So I start writing articles – how tos, what is, general stuff – not bad for someone who’s never done it before. And then I found Bright Hub. That was a definite help and that’s where things began to change…

Humble Beginnings – Part I

I had a crazy idea.

At the start of 2010, the economy was worse than ever and even my current employment situation was taking a hit. So my boss and I were talking one day and the idea of freelancing came up. I had of course heard the term and understood it to be someone who did a certain task on the side; kind of like a second job or a hobby that turned into making some extra money.

So I got to thinking…could I actually do freelancing? What would I need to do? Would it actually bring in the extra cash that I was looking for?

All those questions and even more came to me and I came to the conclusion that yes, I thought I could do it. And it would only be for a little while until business picked up.

That was January 2010.

Many things have happened since then and that’s what leads me here – the crucial turning point of life as I know it. I’m in an unique position, if I do say so myself, and this is the place where you, the reader, get to hear all the craziness that is the life of a beginning freelancer.

My name is Gina and I’m about to embark on one of the biggest decisions I’ve probably ever had. EVER.

Thar be excitement, fear, disillusionment, and all that good stuff that goes with life changing events. I hope I can live through it.